about us and our mission statement

Rambling is an independent clothing brand with a sustainable ethos. Inspired by streetwear from the inner cities and the great outdoors.

My journey started after seeking professional help for abuse I received as a child, drug and alcohol addiction and homelessness.
Whilst I was on furlough leave during the Coronavirus Pandemic, I was handed a notepad by my peer supporter. The idea was to write down my thoughts and feelings but instead of doing that I started to doodle, creating illustrations and characters to represent me and how I felt in that moment. 
Through hours of sketching and learning from other artists my first character "Sertraline" was born. “Sertaline“ is a representation of the mask I wear every day and the false smile it creates, whilst behind the mask I am still healing.
The more I walk this path the more my characters develop and I grow as a person.
Through sharing my story and my work, I hope to inspire other people who have or are experiencing similar mental health challenges.
Thank you very much for your support this far.

At Rambling Art, we are more than just a streetwear label – we are a movement dedicated to fostering a culture of self-expression, empathy, and mental well-being. Our mission is to seamlessly merge fashion with a purpose, creating sustainable and stylish pieces that not only reflect individuality but also advocate for mental health awareness. Driven by the belief that clothing can be a powerful medium for positive change, we strive to break down societal stigmas surrounding mental health. Through our designs, we aim to spark conversations, encourage self-reflection, and inspire a sense of unity within our community. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our eco-friendly materials and ethical practices. We are dedicated to cultivating a safe space where authenticity is celebrated, and mental health is prioritized. By partnering with mental health organizations, we actively contribute to destigmatizing mental health issues and promoting access to resources that support emotional well-being. At Rambling Art every stitch tells a story of resilience, and every garment is a symbol of strength. Join us in our journey to redefine streetwear, not just as a fashion statement but as a beacon of hope, raising awareness for mental health and empowering individuals to embrace their unique narratives."

♻️ Sustainable Threads, Mindful Choices ♻️
Our commitment goes beyond just fashion – we prioritize sustainability in every step of our production process. From eco-friendly materials to ethical manufacturing practices, Rambling Art is dedicated to leaving a positive impact on both the planet and the minds of our community.